CHAI Story

CHAI Corporation is a fintech company that develops infrastructure technologies to create an efficient digital economy.
In the payment market, where various regulations and sales dynamics have been centered for decades, CHAI aims to devise a new ecosystem through technology, providing customers with convenience and new values, and helping our customers to grow rapidly.
CHAI has shown very fast growth acquiring 3 million users within two years of its launch, and continues to expand its users based on CHAI PAY (e-wallet) and CHAI CARD (debit/credit card). CHAI CARD's biggest feature, Boost, is a new type of marketing tool where customers collect Bolts by making payments, discover and purchase the products or services from more than 100 brands in a discounted price by using Bolts. In the way, the customers pay less by using Boost and the brands exposed by Boost attract more customers.
CHAI PORT is a SaaS with all the payment-gateway APIs. CHAI PORT, an integrated payment management service, wants to solve all the problems regarding payments. CHAI PORT helps customers build and customize the payment environment easily and quickly irrespective of their business size, type or location. CHAI PORT is becoming the core infrastructure for accelerating the growth of the commerce business. With the trading amount of April 2022, CHAI PORT exceeds USD 7 billion in annual transactions. CHAI PORT is growing together by supporting Asia's fastest-growing startups.


7 Values of CHAI

Everyoneโ€™s an owner
Rather than thinking about what we can accomplish within the bounds of our specific roles & responsibilities, we think about whatโ€™s best for our customers and proactively find ways to execute.
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Our North Star is the customer
We win by delivering on what our customers love and swiftly executing on those insights.
Why we do what we do should be defined by this guiding principle.
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Open & transparent โ€˜feedforwardโ€™
We learn and grow to safeguard CHAIโ€™s growth and culture through mutual, candid feedback. Through this process, we protect Chai from those who abuse our values.
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Context, not control
Under a singular mission, we value our freedom in how the work gets done. Once we agree on the direction and destination, you should be able to decide which road you take. There is no one answer to effective work, and you know which one works best for you. Just be mindful of the need for collaboration with your colleagues!
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Dream big
We always look for ways to dream bigger. And we appreciate people who can help identify the opportunities and help grow our dreams. Many small successes lay the foundation for exponential growth. We celebrate and commemorate each otherโ€™s successes large and small.
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Always ask โ€˜whyโ€™
If we understand โ€œwhyโ€, we can prioritize and optimize with clarity. Chai will strive to share all manner of โ€œwhyโ€s with utmost transparency.
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Best idea wins
Whose idea it is doesnโ€™t matter. We firmly believe that only the teams that choose actionable ideas based on merit can grow. At CHAI, you can (and should) debate each idea vigorously and come to a decision on the best idea after thorough consideration. Once an idea is chosen, we execute on it as though it was our own.
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7 things we look for in CHAI people

Short term pessimist, long term optimist
We welcome those who work with a sense of urgencyโ€”very well understanding the gravity of each obstacleโ€”while never losing sight of the firm belief that we will ultimately succeed in the long run.
Not afraid to speak their mind, not afraid to hear out othersโ€™
We welcome those who arenโ€™t afraid to speak their mind, and those who can accept and learn from honest feedback.
No room for brilliant jerks
Even if youโ€™re a perfect fit otherwise, if there is never a doubt in your mind that you are right and that others are wrong, youโ€™re probably going to be happier elsewhere. There is no room for brilliant jerks at CHAI.
Inclined to execute
Deep and deliberate thinking paired with effective communications are important. However, thinking and talking about a problem alone canโ€™t change the world around us. At CHAI, we welcome those that are inclined to execute.
Hunger for solving problems
Those who wish to avoid or gloss over difficult problems arenโ€™t the right fit for CHAI. We welcome those who thrive in the process of solving complex problems, and those who relish the thrill when the problem is solved.
Energy additive
We are sprinting towards a lofty goal in a highly competitive market environment. We believe in our team to provide each other with the positive energy necessary to overcome tough situations. We welcome those that are energy additive on the journey ahead.
High ambition & courage to go after it
We welcome those that set their sights on ambitious goals and the tenacity to go after it rather than those who set conservative goals prompted by a fear of failure.
Birthday parties, billiards/table tennis competitions every month. (5pm-7pm on weekdays)
Halloween, Christmas, and other interesting parties
All the Crew can attend
We give claps to colleagues who actively tries to make contributions
Any CHAI People can recommend on โ€˜CLAPS channelโ€™ on the Slack
CHAI Coupon is given to the CHAI People who get claps
Using English nickname
Regardless of position or title, all the CHAI People freely express their opinions and we adopt the best idea
CEO as a leading host
Sharing our business conditions
Proceeded one time every month
All employees attending
Supports family events
Marriage, condolence, childbirth
Parentโ€™s 60th, 70th, 80th birthday
Guarantee quality meals
No price limit
Try famous restaurants
You decide! order in? or eat outside!
Chai Money on Lunar New Year, Chuseok
Chai Coupon on birthday
We provide a comprehensive health examination package that includes MRI, CT, ultrasound, and sleep endoscopy
Additional family examinations with a discount for CHAI people.
Unlimited annual leaves
Flexibility on work hour
Work from home
Various beverages, snacks and Fresh fruits
Incentives for CHAI people recommending a successful candidate for open roles
For business purpose or overtime, taxi fare is paid by company.
Provide optimized equipment
Stock option is given to CHAI People who make outstanding performance
40% ~ 100%โ†‘ of annual salary
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JK Tower 3rd floor, 16, Seongsui-ro 20-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul


Singapore, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine